It’s at the end of the year 2015, when, after 20 years, the outlines of a musical reboot, slowly start to come into focus.

Two decades after thousands of regular listener of Frits Spits’s popular radioshow, got their daily treat to the song “Red Bullet”. A song which not only Frits Spits made into his feel-good favorite ‘hit tip’ but also turned out to become an absolute national succes for the Robert Jay Band.

The endless airplay on that radioshow resulted into a great musical stimulus for the band, originated in the Dutch region of Twente.

Accompanied by the renowned ‘Unstoppable Thumper; Ton Dijkman

(drums) and Michel van Schie (bass) the dynamic duo and compound backbone of the band, Robert Jay and his comrades start touring through the land.

This is a true musical crusade, and enforced by their rock solid live shows, they not only manage to touch the souls of the beholders, but also string them along to their triumphal car.

Nevertheless none of their subsequent singles, like “Oh, What A Job’ or “Doreen’ can eventually outshine the pervious succes of ‘Red Bullet’.

The songs where received well enough, but where never given proper support by the dj’s in Hilversum (the home base of most Dutch radio stations)

For Robert Jay and his band, this was an awesome experience gained, as well as an illusion shattered, and it resulted in the band’s demise.

For the simple reason that one can’t deny their faith, Robert once more picks up his guitar in 2014 and starts to nourish and irrigate his drought-plagued musical roots.

The lyrics, mostly autobiographical, start to flow freely from his pen and help to make way for a true resurrection of the former Rober Jay Band.

For a significant amount of time and with  the song ‘Penthouse In Heaven’ as his main focus, rehearsal rooms and recording studio’s become Robert jay’s new habitat. All for the sole purpose of composing the new and improved version of his former successtory.

In 2017 the circle is completed and his new project has become a reality.

Refreshed and revived by an all new band, consisting of top notch musicians, they kick off with a new single and dito show, in november of that same year.

This time Robert stays within his own musical framework, by doing covers, next to self composed songs. But without any doubt, these will stir many new, as well as recapture all of his former believers.